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How we did it?

Area: San Francisco

When we first started working with the client they’ve generated contracts through door-knocking. The method was quite effective close to but impossible to turn into a repeatable, scalable process.

The main issues our client had in the past was being burned by a few agencies, that delivered poor-quality leads that didn’t convert.

STEP #1 – The Perfect Customer

We’ve started the work by creating a customer avatar. One mistake that a lot of companies do is to wide targeting, eg. just “homeowners”.

Highlights of our customer avatar:

  • Middle / high class
  • +$1M annual household income
  • Homeowner living in suburbs Bay area
  • 40 to 60 years old

STEP #2 – Creating the Campaigns

Next step was to create advertising campaigns, targeted towards the ideal customer type, while testing to find the best working combinations of copy and creatives + audiences.

Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads served the role of a key lead sources.

We’ve focused on key three ad components:

  1. Copywriting
  2. Creatives
  3. Targeting

STEP #3 – Lead Nurturing and Appointment Setting

As soon as first leads started coming in – we’ve setup a warmup automation that dynamically reach out to leads via high-converting emails.

Next, out well-trained callers reached out to the leads that have not scheduled a meeting yet. Key mistake that a lot of roofing companies do is waiting too long for the lead to be called on.

This issue is being showcased using the graph below.

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Our in-house sales team was calling a lead, on avarage 56 minutes after the contact was created.

Campaign structure in a nutshell:

Ad -> Lead Form -> Automatizatization + nurturing campaign -> Sales person outreach

The client received pre-booked meetings right into his calendar. All he had to do is to show up to a meeting – the rest was taken care of by us.


After 36 days we were able to acheive the following results:

  • 92 leads generated
  • $21.45 avarage cost per inbound, exclusive lead
  • 17 show-up appointments
  • 9 closed contracts
  • Amount spent: $1,973,40
  • Revenue: $116,000.00

One of the possitive side effects was that a lot of people were directly calling the company or reaching out on Facebook. Those who saw the ad, sometimes looked up more information on company’s page and contacted the client this way.

Claim your free 30-minute strategy session

If you’d like to know exactly how we form our funnels, strategy and how we run ads (based on an example of your company) feel free to click the blue button and schedule a free, no-obligation, 15-minute strategy call with me. We’ll go through how this framework can be applied to your business to bring profit predictably, at a wild scale.

To your success,

Martin Bujacz


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